How to set up HP DeskJet 3630?

No matter how much we rely upon the paperless system or soft copies, printers will always be a vital component for businesses and homes. Moreover, today’s printers have also improved to the extent that they don’t need a bunch of wires around them for connecting to the computer system, or complicated instructions to follow to do printing and other jobs. All thanks to technological advances. When it comes to having a printer that has all advanced features such as Wi-Fi, scanning, copying, high-quality prints, durability, and affordable price, nothing beats HP DeskJet 3630. This all-in-one printer by Hewlett Packard gives its users the freedom to print, scan, and copy, all at once.

This not only saves time but also a considerable amount of money as you do not need to purchase three separate devices for three tasks. You can connect it through a wireless connection, a USB or HP Smart Application. Here is how can set it up:

(Before you initiate the HP DeskJet 3630 setup process, make sure your system fulfill all the specifications and network connection requirements)

Steps to Setup HP Printer DeskJet 3630 for Windows

  1. Connect your Windows computer system to your wireless network
  2. Now, connect your HP DeskJet 3630 printer to the computer system through this network
    1. For this, turn on your printer and press the wireless icon from the printer’s control panel
    2. You will see all the available networks in the display
    3. Choose the network you want to connect to
    4. Enter the password, if your wireless network is protected
    5. This will connect the printer to the computer system
  3. Now, find the right drivers for your HP DeskJet 3630 printer from  
    1. If you have the driver installation CD, then insert the CD into your CD/DVD drive and follow the onscreen instructions
  4. Click the download now button
  5. Once the process finishes, open the downloaded from your system’s downloads folder or the browser’s download history
  6. Choose your preferred connection type
  7. Now, add HP com DJ3630 as your printing device
  8. Let the printing software installation finish
  9. Give a test print command to check the functioning of your printer

The aforementioned steps for of DJ3630 are for the Windows customers. If you are using a Mac device, then you would be glad to know that the steps for the setup process are more or less the same. Check them out below:

  1. Connect your Mac device to the wireless network
  2. Connect your printer to the wireless network by opening up the wireless setup wizard from HP DeskJet 3630 printer’s control panel
  3. Download the printer’s drivers and other essential software
    1. You will need to enter your MAC OS version here
  4. Install all those software using HP Easy Scan
  5. Follow the onscreen prompts to finish the process
  6. Give a test print command

Like HP DJ3630, if you want to know about the functioning or the setup process for  or 123 hp com setup 8710, then connect to an HP support professional or visit Here, you will have to provide your printer’s specific model number such as 123 hp com setup 6868 along with the other details, and it will show you the instructions for its setup, wireless connectivity or more.